Monetize Live Interviews With Twitter Marketing

February 4, 2013 | By followermrket | Filed in: Buy Twitter Followers.

For now, I think it is about time that we should be learning how to monetize our own live interviews to the ones we buy Twitter followers. Do you think it is really that possible that we can make money with our very own live interviews for good? Of course, anything is always possible as long you are going to believe in yourself for good. Anyways, I will now be teaching you how to monetize your own live interview as a Twitter marketer up for grabs. Are you God damn ready for this once and for all? Or are you not going to be ready at all?

Without further ado, let us now get started right away! In order for you to monetize this one, it was already assumed that you have finished your own live interview with your own companion. All you have to do was simply upload that interview on Youtube and embed it on your website. Since you now have a website, I think you really need to monetize it with advertisements. Google Adsense was an easy choice, but it is not good for you to stick with them in a long term basis. You will only be paid per click.

Another good way to monetize your niche live interview was simply attach some affiliate and CPA (cost per action) banners in any part of your own website. In this way, you may finally share the live interview website to your own Twitter followers, once and for all.

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