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April 19, 2017 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

Most of the people like to share their blog posts on the social media platform. But the content that is shared from your blog will not look the same on the social media, so you need to add few plug-in that can display the shared post in a good manner. It is important to create unique content to attract the audience on social media platform and if you are sharing the post from your WordPress make sure it looks attractive for viewers.

1. Twitter cards- When a user shares a post from your site in Twitter, it is important to tweet back to get the attention of that user and add the username. So you can use Twitter cards will help to link to Twitter handle and make it look rich. Twitter recommends the users to use some of the plug-in to make use of these options. The first one is Jetpack that is mostly used by many WordPress users and it is also available for free. Another plug-in is JM Twitter Cards that is a very simple option as it just deals with the execution of Twitter card. You can also select WordPress SEO from Yoast that helps to deal with Twitter cards, Google+ and more. After selecting a plug-in, try to validate the content using Twitter Card Validator. To do this, go to Twitter account and select the tab Validate & Apply and test the link from website.

2. Customize your text- Those who don’t want to use the Twitter cards and would like to customize their text, they can try using WordPress SEO from Yoast as it available with SEO title tag as well as Meta description. Both title and the description can be used on various social media networks including the search results. Try to use this to control the way your content looks on the social media networks when they are shared and even in the search results.

3. Using sharing buttons- Social sharing is one of the best ways to engage with the people to share their social proof by using the sharing buttons. The sharing buttons are available officially and they can be used manually in your WordPress. You can also use Digg Digg which is a plug-in that helps the users to add sharing buttons on the toolbar. You must go to Global Config after setting up this plug-in and include the Twitter username that can be seen along with the tweets of the content.

4. Content shared most- By knowing this you can keep on creating same type of content for your audience. To do this you can select the plug-in such as Social Metrics Pro that will assess the social sharing of your content in WordPress dashboard. With this plug-in that can be used on various social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. The users will be able to filter their posts relevant to category, users and date to look for present trends.

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