Why WP Social Zon Is Closed For Twitter Marketers Now?

February 9, 2013 | By followermrket | Filed in: Buy Twitter Followers.

Now that you now why WP Social Zon has been one of the best money making WordPress plugins on the planet, I think it is time for you to know the whole truth behind it’s doors. But what would be the whole truth about this plugin for good? Do you really wanted to find out the whole truth about the WP Social Zon plugin? The real truth is that WP Social Zon plugin was now closed for sales on the Warrior Forum. But why is it that this sick plugin (which had gotten more sales and satisfied customers from the Warrior Forum) was already decided to close it’s doors by Ricky Mataka?

For those of you who are going to buy Twitter followers and acquire this plugin, just keep dreaming for now. It is because this plugin has some issues that needs to be fixed, and their customer support cannot handle anymore customers who are experiencing problems with this plugin for good. It has so many problems that Ricky Mataka, his programmer and customer support needs to handle everything, and they cannot take anymore new customers for it. If they really need to fix this plugin, as there are still customers who are interested to buy this one, they need to do it pretty soon.

I know that the doors are already closed for us, and we cannot buy this sick WordPress plugin anymore, I strongly believe that one day he will re-opened this once again. I am a true believer of anything, so do not lose hope.

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