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June 21, 2016 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

Twitter cards can be the best choice to enhance your tweets as you will be including more content and media into it. Twitter cards are available in 8 different types that can be installed easily. The cards can be installed by adding metadata from developer page of the card that you are going to use and add it into the page manually. After setting up the code, you can use Twitter Card Validator for verifying the cards. The cards can only be seen once they are verified and they can be included in your tweet by using the custom link.

1. Summary Card- Those who own a blog, they can use the summary card as it helps to add a title, a description and thumbnail image. You will also get an option for including large image in the summary card. The summary card features three options to select the article that includes image, post title and View on Web link.

2. Photo Card- This card is a perfect choice for a business and even a website related to photography. The card also features a large image, a title, a description and a Twitter handle. While embedding your tweet, you will be able to see just a photo over the actual tweet text and the details can be seen in Twitter.

3. Gallery Card- Gallery card is similar to photo card, but it has only one exception where it allows 4 photos in a tweet. The embedded tweets will be able to show one among four images and all the 4 images can be seen in Twitter.

4. App Card- The app card is useful for those who deal with apps. You can tweet with your app details and those who see it will be able to view it in the website. It is also possible to download the app while browsing through the mobile.

5. Player Card- This card can be suitable for business that deals in video and audio. The player card can be used to send a tweet with media. You will be able to include a live audio or a video player in your tweet as you can embed them easily.

6. Product Card- Those who are selling products can use this product card as it allows to add a title, a description, image and a Twitter handle for the product. You can also include other details like price, availability and more.

7. Lead Generation Card- It is one of the best card available in Twitter that can be used to generate more leads. The users will click a button to share email address related to your Twitter account when they this card.

8. Website Card- The website card is the best option to drive more traffic into the website directly and the users can visit a particular page in your website without any deviation. This card features thumbnail image with website, website title and Read More button that can make the viewers to select.

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