Ten Ways To Improve Tweet Skills

April 5, 2016 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

Most of the people have no idea about using twitter in the right way. Some of them also don’t know what to tweet which can keep them inactive in twitter. Almost everyone faces this problem at some point that can make them post outdated messages. This can make your followers to lack interest in your twitter account. There are 10 ways that can help in knowing what to tweet to get engaged with your audience.

1. Asking questions about product- The most simple and best way for getting more engagements in twitter is by asking questions about a brand. Just tweet about the product that is liked most and what will be the best option to make it more attractive.

2. Brand news- Try to discuss about your brand with the twitter followers that can also make them know that you are interested in developing your business. Try using content publishing option for sending your tweets through RSS that helps you to post articles from websites.

3. Saying thanks to brand loyalists- If you not able to find the right tweet for your post, try to thank the brand loyalists. This can create a good impression about your twitter account and you will be respected by other twitter members that can increase the number of followers.

4. Promotional Codes- Always provide an option for your audience to visit your account. To do this, just offer them discount codes that can make the twitter users to come back on regular basis

5. Sharing favorite accounts in twitter- There is no need to maintain all the things secret in twitter as you can reveal some of them related to your brand. It is one of the best option to develop your presence in the social media world. Always discuss about your brand and don’t enter into conversation that is not related to your brand.

6. Brand achievements- Apart from sharing your brand details, try to tweet about its achievements. If you have not achieved any milestone with your brand, try to mention at least about the increase of followers in Twitter account after reaching certain level.

7. Share images and videos- Twitter has been one of the best option to share images and short videos. Most of the people use other social media platforms for sharing videos, but twitter can also be your best option to do this.

8. Creating an impact about your new product- Make sure to announce about your new product with suspense. Maintain a mystery about the product by revealing it step by step which will make the followers to come back on daily basis to know about your product till it is unveiled completely.

9. Useful quotes- Try to collect quotes that are related to your company as most of the people like to see quotes on twitter. Don’t forget to give credit for the author of your quote.

10. FAQs- If you are unable to get answer to multiple questions on the same topic, try to highlight them so other can answer them. Try to pin your Tweets along with answer for the questions.

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