Steps To Make Your Social Content Shareable

February 20, 2017 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

Blogs are the best source to improve the social media presence on various social media channels. Making your blog contents sharable can help it to visible to most of the people on different social media platforms. The following are few ways to increase your social media presence on Twitter and other social media channels as well as blogs.

1. Combine your comments- Whenever you update a post on Twitter featuring new article link, you will get comments only on the Twitter page and not on the blog. So try to change the present blog comment with Twitter comments or you can combine both your comments to display it on the blog.

2. Include sharing buttons- This is the best to make your audience share your posts. The sharing buttons can be used to combine both your social media channel and the blog. In Twitter, you can add a tweet button on top of your post to share the post easily to increase your social sharing. You can also get suggestions from your audience to know which sharing button they like.

3. Link to resources- Try to link with quality resource can increase the credibility of social mentions. The people you mention on the blog posts will be able to share with various networks. You can quote resources in your post which will make it share on various social networks about your posts.

4. Use your contents for sharing- Most of the online sources provide free resources for their various readers who like to sign up based on their email subscription. You can do the same for the blog content as well with your popular posts receiving consistent traffic. Even though this is one of the best strategies to increase your shares on social media you must make sure that people share your article before reading it. There are few plug-in that can be used on your blogs to lock content and the readers will be able to unlock it for reading as well as retweeting.

5. Use grand images- It is important to make your social content more attractive by adding impressive images that can attract the readers. Make sure that your each post features an image that keeps your audience attracted. Make sure to create a professional image that looks attractive as well as explains about your post visually. Try to tools to create images related to your content and include them in your post.

6. Provide additional offers- Try to give extra entries for the entrants to your posts when they tweet things related to your website to get good social response. You can use tools to manage the giveaways as they can select winners randomly and select the participants based on this. By giving additional offers it is possible to receieve more social media interaction. You have to offer additional benefits for your audience based on each social media channels and to do this you can start a contest.

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