Steps To Create Mobile-Friendly Ads

October 19, 2016 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

Targeting particular people on the social media platform such as Twitter is very important to improve your business. It can also help to increase your presence on the social media platform. But it is important to stay connected with your audience on regular basis which can be a difficult process for most of the people. You can deal with this problem by accessing your social media account in your mobile. One of the best ways to reach to your social audience is using the social media ads in your mobile device. The following is one of the simple ways to optimize the social ads to make them friendly for users. Many businesses target their audience with desktop ads only, but using mobile ads can increase their viewers with little effort. It is possible to develop and maintain a scalable advertising campaigns in your mobile that will help to grow you business and even see more profits.

1. Make your ads easily visible- Showing your ads on mobile will make the viewers see it is a small size. So you must design the ad in such a way that it looks good even on the small screen of your mobile phone. Try to be more creative while designing the ads for your mobile and it is not like designing the ads in your computer. The ads created on the desktop cannot be used in your mobile, so put some additional effort while creating the mobile ads.

2. Landing website page- Once you have designed your mobile ads attractive, you must make the landing page of your website mobile friendly. You must make sure that when a user clicks on the ad they will be taken to your website related to the ad which must be easy to navigate. You must also design your website mobile-friendly along with the ad to make it easily visible on the mobile. The mobile ads are normally linked to a website landing page which must be specially developed for mobile purpose. The ads that is related to the landing page must make the people to follow it to get a proper and when they are visiting the website every page must be designed mobile-friendly. Try to design the landing page of your ad bright and it must also look friendly for its users. Make it visually appealing to make the mobile users easily navigate through the website.

3. Video ads on mobile- Apart from normal ads you can also create video ads to attract more people. The video ads are more attractive when compared to the normal ads. The amount spent on video ads is more when compared to the standard ads and they also have higher click rates. There are different options available while creating the video ads for your mobile. Most of the users spend their time using mobile apps such as Twitter, Facebook and others running the ads as it is expected to give more exposure to any business.

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