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August 21, 2016 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

Social media like Twitter is used normally by every businessman in the present world. It is important to get more followers in Twitter to enhance your trust on this social media platform. Some of the business people normally use this social media platform in such a way that it will also affect their business status in a negative way. There are different ways that can help to maintain your business status on this social media.

1. Be funny at the right time- Never try to be funny with your followers all the time as it can be hurtful for some of them. It is important to stay funny on the social media platform, but you must know to use it in the right time. Including humor in the posts will attract more followers and maintain it only related to your brand or topic. While adding humor in the post, make sure to be sharper and the humor used must not affect your audience.

2. Check the content in your posts- Always check your content thoroughly including the spelling before using them in your posts. This can help in making your audience understand what you are saying in the post and continue the conversation.

3. Attend to all the complaints- Try to reply to all the complaints made by your customer as soon as possible as it can help to have a good engagement on social media about your business. If you don’t have an idea about responding to the customers immediately, it is safe to stay away from the social media platform. Try to stay connected with the customers online to know what they are discussing about your brand. The customers will share their ideas through social media, but you must have lot of patience until they respond.

4. Create apps related to your service- Most of the business accounts have their own apps to provide successful customer service on the social media platform. Try to maintain the apps in a proper way and make sure that it always stays online. If you are not able to respond to the people through the app, it can also leave a negative effect on your business.

5. Look for duplicate content- Some of the social media accounts feature duplicate content, so make sure that you don’t have one on your profile. This can damage the status of your company and also affect your customers. Try to look at the content used in your post to check whether they are original and they must not be used in other posts.

6. Reply to all kind of reviews- Some of the businesses usually reply to customers negative reviews only, but it is important to acknowledge the positive replies as well. You can have a good engagement with your customers when you respond quickly. Try to reply for the comments made by the customers in a proper way and it must also be made only in a professional way.

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