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November 20, 2016 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

ROI is very important for a social campaign and it is not easy to increase the ROI. There are different ways to increase the ROI for your campaign. One of the simple ways to get more ROI is through your follower content. You can also include the follower photo during the marketing process which can help in promoting your brand. Most of the businesses normally manage a team to create unique content to promote their brand, but instead of creating new content use your follower content. There are few major things that are normally used to increase ROI like promoting your product through all the social channels which can really give a great look to your brand. You can also select your own social marketing channels depending upon the product that is used to get more ROI. Most of the businesses normally prefer Twitter to create brand awareness. Here are few ways that have been previously used by some of the brands to promote their brand with follower content before using any special technique.

1. The first option is running a special marketing campaign on the social media to display your product. Then make your followers to upload some of the content related to your product along with the hashtag. Now you will have a number of content relevant to your product that can be selected for your marketing campaign. You can then link the selected content with your product page to make everyone reach your product.

2. Another way is to reward your followers with their choice of gift related to your brand. You can giveaway weekly gifts if the users submit their photo that can be used on your website. Announce that if there photo gets selected, they have a great chance of winning a reward from the company. This is one of the most important strategies in marketing your campaign that can provide a great ROI.

3. Develop your own followers who can help in making your campaign successful. Instead of requesting the followers to share their photos, you can just ask them share things about your brand. You can increase the website traffic by following this method of promoting your brand through the follower content.

4. Make your followers happy sharing their stories. To do this you must know what your followers have been doing and which are the places they have been visiting. The users getting engaged with follower content will be able to see an increase of ROI more than what they have spent on the social media platform.

5. If you are really planning to increase the brand awareness among the social media users, try to begin your campaign as per your follower technique. You must not only collect your followers detail, also make sure to dissolve it on various social media platforms. You can use all these methods based on the product you want to promote through social media and get the best ROI.

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