Improve Your Social Presence With An Event

December 19, 2016 | By Neal | Filed in: Twitter.

Are you handling a business account on the social media channels and looking to run an event. There are few ways that must be followed to start an event. You can interact with various people through the social media channels and make your event really successful. But you have to know the way to increase your social presence while running a successful event.

1. Publish hashtag- This is one of the best ways to reach out to various social shares related to your business and even start a discussion. When you want to promote your event, try to post the hashtag related to it in the entire place on social media platform. Make sure your hashtag is visible everywhere including the event website and other places where the people will be able to tweet about the event. In case you are promoting the event through brochures, posters and other ways try to include the hashtag in it. This will make others to tweet the things related to the event and easily connect with people on the social media.

2. Using mobile app- Most of the businesses who start an event will also have their own mobile app. The mobile app will feature some important updates related to the event like about the app, event schedule and map. Try to connect with the people on the social media through the app as most of them prefer to use their mobile device for various social media activities. Apart from the basic information about the event in your mobile app, try to include social media integrations which will make the participants of the event to connect easily with other people. The event participants can also take part in online conversation by using your mobile app.

3. Setup a team- Once you start promoting your event on the social media platforms, it is important to respond to the people who reply about the event. So try to setup a team of few dedicated members who can manage all the queries on the social channels. Make sure you are able to answer a question about the event immediately and giving more attention to the people is very important during this period. In case you are inviting only few people to the event, it is important to manage them in a proper way. By doing you can also reach to the people who are not able to participate in your event which includes your followers and fans.

4. Setup a question desk- Most of the businesses who start an event must answer the question related to it. So try to setup a question desk where people on the social media channels can ask questions with event hashtag. By doing this you can easily answer the questions related to the event and even improve the social reach at the event. You can easily reach to different people on the social media platform and improve your presence by following all these methods.

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